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Corey Curties

Entrepreneur, Tech Professional, Speaker, Personal Development Coach, Author, Husband, and Dad


About Corey Curties

Corey Curties is a husband, father, and served as district manager after leading the region as a top-performing general manager for a multi-million dollar international coffee company.  For years, Corey also owned two businesses while balancing family and ascending the corporate ladder. As a personal development coach, motivational speaker, and author, Corey loves sharing valuable personal and professional experiences to empower and mentor others on their journey.

"Your unique skills will create financial opportunities."

Corey Curties

"Life is like an escalator.  You can only move forward or backward; you can never remain still."

Do you want to start a business but...
  • You feel like you don’t have enough time? 

  • You're short on money?

  • Have no idea what type of business to start?

  • Others have crushed your spirit and dreams?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, the 10 Step Workepreneur is for you.  Utilize this book for self-assessment to develop a profitable business idea that best suits YOUR unique skills.  Steps included are Network: Power of Relationships, Achieve Your Goals, Don’t Just Set Them, and Build Your Team.  Learn how to master all of these steps and more to achieve your entrepreneurial goals while balancing life, love, and working a full-time job.


Booker T Washington once said, “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else”. Corey is that person who finds joy in lifting others up. He listens with the intent of understanding to ensure every action has meaningful purpose. Servant leadership is rare to find in this world and his heart for people and creating positive change is embodied in his daily life. I could not have asked for a better friend, mentor and colleague that I met by chance on a day he exemplified his desire to give.

Sharlene Duzick
President - JCI California

“My session with Corey was amazing. His insight was thought provoking and helped me to understand how my own tendencies can be modified to strengthen my performance in my own superpower, and how to better communicate with those, not like me, in a way to build a successful team.”

Valerie Fabre-Williams
Operations Supervisor at Social Security Administration

WORKEPRENEURS are those who have a business while working a

9 to 5 and balance life.  

You can be a WORKEPRENEUR too.


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